Concrete Restoration

Concrete is a widely used and versatile building material. Whether it’s used to form walls of buildings or floors of structures such as parking decks, concrete requires maintenance to ensure its safety, life and utility.

Concrete and the steel rebar used to reinforce it, expand and contract at different rates as the temperature changes. This can cause the concrete and rebar to separate, creating small cracks, which also weakens the concrete and allows water to seep into the cracks, accelerating the deterioration.

Restoring concrete correctly begins with identifying the source of the damage. Whether it is water-infiltration or rusting steel, we understand that if you do not fix the cause, the repair will never last. The use of the proper materials is paramount and should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Properly prepping patches and using the proper specialized patch materials are the keys to making repairs last. We take pride in our attention to detail to ensure that our concrete repairs last and blend into their surroundings.

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