Historic Preservation

Unfortunately, many community leaders and developers fail to pursue historic restoration projects; as they find the prospect of navigating through the complex process of applying for tax credits and grants rather intimidating. The truth is, without proper support from historic tax credits, most historic restoration projects just aren’t feasible. In many cities across the country, a single renovation project can be the catalyst to launch a citywide revitalization.

Steve Coon and our team are experts in identifying potential projects, applying for and procuring both state and federal historic tax credits. Many of our customers are surprised to hear that their buildings are eligible for potential tax credit funding. Any building at least 50 years old or that contributes in a significant way to a community’s historic/architectural heritage are eligible.

Funding from the Historical Tax Credit Program has opened so many doors for communities, building owners and developers alike. We will help you through every step of the tax credit process and hopefully we can make your dream project into a reality.

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