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Our excellence in masonry repair and historic renovation is unmatched since 1983

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Experience confidence with the most trusted historic renovation and masonry repair company in the country.
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Historic Preservation

Millions of dollars in economic opportunity is wasted in unused historic buildings. Coon lights the spark of downtown revitalization with the most important ingredient - FUNDING! We sort through the complexity of historic tax credits to get your project off the ground, making money with historic gems that shine with a new purpose! We have the historic know-how to help create your vision while maintaining the legacy of yesteryear.

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Masonry Restoration

The exterior of your building not only needs to look good; it needs to be strong! When mortar, brick or stone break down, critical problems occur. Our skilled craftsmen flawlessly match materials from historic buildings to bring back the strength and beauty of the past. We even have our own boneyard, collecting building materials from all over the country to better serve you!

Concrete Restoration

Concrete is synonymous with strong, but that only goes as far as the quality of your products and the skill and know-how behind your maintenance. Coon is an expert at analyzing cracks in concrete and solving the problems at the source. Whether the challenge is with a parking deck, building foundation, or a major stadium, you can have peace of mind knowing our skilled workers are on the job.

New Construction

For new construction to thrive, it needs to be built with the end in mind. From the complexities of fire-proofing a high-tech operation to working with the latest tools, Coon has the expertise to ensure your building's long-time success. We offer added flexibility and reliability by bringing our own equipment to the worksite.

Sealants & Coatings

Sealants and coatings are the unsung heroes that keep your building standing tall and your parking lot and stadium safe. If you do not maintain sealants between the joints of your building materials, deterioration is inevitable. Similarly the right coating will protect from water, chemical and sun damage. It can also provide peace of mind by adding traction to a surface to keep it safer in wintery and wet conditions. We expertly assess your needs and offer solutions to protect your investment. Whether brick, stone, marble or concrete, if sealants and coatings are neglected, you are in for major sticker shock.


Who We Are

Coon Restoration

When Coon Restoration is mentioned in historic preservation circles across the country, words like integrity, expertise, and dedication are quick to follow. We are passionate about restoring America’s buildings, especially those that are central to a community’s history.

Not only do clients rely on our skills working with brick, stone, and mortar for all kinds of projects, but they also turn to us for our expert knowledge of historic tax credits. Federal and state historic tax credit programs are key to transforming downtown buildings of the past for a new generation, but they are also complex. We guide community leaders, developers, and non-profits through the process, launching economic success that spreads to uplift entire neighborhoods.

We are a family business, founded by Steve and Jenny Coon, and we treat our customer’s buildings as if they are our very own. Since our founding in 1983, we have grown from one employee to a team of 150, including a new generation of the Coon family. We take great pride in not only the results of our hard work, but in the peace of mind our clients experience, knowing that their assets will increase in value in our hands.

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