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Masonry Restoration

Our Process

When replacement brick, stone, or other materials are required, we may be able to find them in our ever-growing 15-acre “bone yard”. These replacement pieces were salvaged from buildings that didn’t have the benefit of our restoration services and unfortunately were demolished. When original materials are no longer available, we rely on new, engineered materials that provide a near-exact visual match to the original.


Other contractors may say they perform historic restoration, but when their repairs stick out on a building like a sore thumb, their inexperience and lack of passion for the craft are evident. Our ultimate goal for your building is for our repairs to not only be long-term, but unnoticeable.

How We Can Help

Historic restoration is a unique niche in the masonry and construction trades. It involves addressing the exterior envelope of the building, not just the bricks and mortar. Matching the existing materials and appearance of buildings that may be over a century old presents many challenges. We are experts at analyzing these historic structures and identifying the appropriate materials, means and methods to breathe new life into each project.

Our Recent 


The Chapel at Western Reserve Academy
Hudson, Ohio
Ohio State University Hale Hall
Columbus, Ohio
PNC Center
Cleveland, Ohio
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Masonry Restoration Services

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